Bullion Federation

Honorable Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal (MOS, Finance and Corporate Affairs) receiving award as a chief guest by Shri Ajay Garg (Chairman Of Bullion Federation).

Bullion Federation

Honorable Shri Santosh Gangwar (MOS, Finance) receiving award as a chief guest by Shri Rahul Gupta(Founder Member of Bullion Federation and Chairman of Export Promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs).

Bullion Federation

BFGC, 2017 held at Delhi was Inaugurated by honorable Shri Santosh Gangwar(MOS, Finance), Shri Ram Shankar Khateria(Chairman of NCSC) and Shri Sudhir Gupta(Member of Parliament).

Bullion Federation

Welcome by Shri Lokesh Aggarwal(President of Bullion Federation) to honorable Shri Santosh Gangwar(MOS, Finance and Corporate Affairs).

Bullion Federation

National Anthem at BFGC, 2017 with honorable Shri Santosh Gangwar(MOS, Finance) and Shri Ram Shankar Khateria(Chairman of NCSC) and Shri Sudhir Gupta(Member of Parliament).


The traders or dealers associated with any type of Bullion activities such as C&F agents, Jewellers, karigars, Swarnkaar or in any name called whatsoever (excluding Star Trading House / Premier Trading House) who purchase and sell only through Banks, Nominated agencies or registered dealers shall be eligible to be the Full Members. The founder members who have subscribed to the memorandum may in a general meeting by simple majority induct full members by invitation or otherwise on an application being made in this regard provided however that the number of full members so inducted along with founder members does not exceed 51 members. Subscription fees for full members shall be Rs.1,11,000/- (Rupees One Lac Eleven Thousand only) for the time being which may extend as per the decision of the Federation, apart from annual fees as decided by the executive council from time to time.
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The “Bullion Federation” came into being to further the cause of trade and its members. It vows to take along the members in its journey …


Bullion Federation is formed to create an Ecosystem that will collaborate actively with the various Government agencies, to maintain stable policy regime, enabling Members to …


To consolidate the efforts of bullion industry to work closely with the Government, Semi Government and other Authorities and to focus on bullion (refersto


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